Los Angeles, CA

Jillian is Coming to Beverly Hills!

Show Info

Venue: Saban Theatre

Address: 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Date & Time: May 17, 2014, 9:00 pm

The Maximize Your Life Tour heads west when Jillian Michaels takes the stage live at the Saban Theatre. Catch the show in LA and be inspired to unleash your potential!

The world’s leading health and wellness expert, JILLIAN MICHAELS, is live on stage across the country in her “Maximize Your Life” Tour for an evening of inspiration, information, and motivation. In this intimate and uniquely personal experience, Jillian shows how to harness your potential, accomplish your goals and live an exceptional life – sharing her keys to health, success and happiness. No hype, no false promises: Just results.

Map & Directions

Saban Theatre
8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Any questions for Jillian?

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  1. Christa Laureles 1 week ago

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  2. Hi Jillian,

    When are you coming back to the UK? I missed your last tour.

  3. Christy Fuhlrott 3 weeks ago

    Sorry I’m referring to Sabana Theater in Beverly Hill, can you suggest an hotel with special rates?

    • Hi Christy! The Saban Theatre might have connections with local hotels, I would suggest contacting the box office there to see what their options are. The theater’s number is 888-645-5006 :) -Team Jillian

  4. Christy Fuhlrott 3 weeks ago

    Can you suggest a hotel that its near the Theater? Do you have some with special rates?

  5. Kristi Black 1 month ago

    Hi Jillian, I’ve already purchased tickets for the Beverly Hills show. What do I need to do in order to upgrade to the meet and greet? Thank you and cannot wait for May 17th!!

    • Hey Kristi! Ticketmaster usually allows exchanges in advance. Please call 800-653-8000 and request to upgrade your tickets to the $149 price level. See you in LA! -Team Jillian

  6. Hannah 1 month ago

    Hi Jillian, I want to come to your tour but live in the UK (am holidaying in LA when your on). How do i get tickets delivered to the UK?

    • Hi Hannah — when you order on Ticketmaster you should have the option to either print at home or pick your tickets up at will call at the Saban Theatre. -Team Jillian

  7. Felicia 1 month ago

    I thought tickets start at $25 but, there are no tickets in that price range. What happened? Did they all sell out? Are you going to add any Northern California dates? I really want to go but can’t spend so much money on tickets, a flight, and a hotel. I want to make this work since I missed it last year. Thanks for the info!!!!

    • Hi Felicia — looking into the prices in LA, it’s possible that all $25 tickets sold out very early. All dates for this tour have been released, crossing our fingers for Northern Cal shows in a 2015 tour! :) -Team Jillian

  8. I’m so excited about seeing jillian in May. I’m gonna fly in from Germany. Are you still thinking about a show in San Diego? If I purchase a ticket for LA, is it possible to switch the la ticket to a sd ticket, if you guys add a show there?

  9. Darlene Bayer 2 months ago

    Hi Jillian, I am a Curves Trainer – Any chance of adding Santa Barbara or Ventura for us Central Coast Curves girls :)

  10. Hi Jillian, I just bought tickets for my daughter and I for your March 19 show in Pittsburg. We are in row AA Grand Circle. We were not informed about the VIP Meet and Greet. Our tickets were $182.00 each. I’m hoping we will be accepted into the Meet and Greet. Please let me know. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you!!

    • Hi Vicky — the highest price level tickets at each venue are VIP tickets and include the meet & greet. VIP ticketholders will be asked to remain in their seats following the show to be escorted to a separate meet & greet area. Enjoy! :)

  11. sonjia shaw 2 months ago

    Jillian- you are so inspirational!!! I am a Mommy of 2 a wifey and caretaker for my Dad that has heart failure- my fitness journey started March 2012. I am not a small business owner teaching womans strength training classes! seriously your amazing- Please please help me to make it to your show- it would be a dream— my passion is to help others have a healthy balanced lifestyle and its amazing to be part of peoples journey!! xoxoxoxo

  12. Is 9pm accurate? It seems awfully late to host something like this.

  13. Hi Jillian! Any chance you’ll come to Salt Lake city or even Vegas? I would love to see you live:)

  14. Coming to the San Francisco Bay Area?

  15. Any news on if you are going to be able to add San Diego?

  16. Jillian – you rock! this will be my third time seeing you, and each time i bring a different friend to see you too. my question is, i already bought two tickets for the 2nd row, center seats the day the tickets were available a couple of weeks ago. now i see there are VIP tickets available. are these the same as VIP tickets? i would love the opportunity to meet you in person! i would hate to miss out just because i bought the tickets early! thanks!

    • Hey Carmen — as long as your tickets are either PIT seating or were priced $172 or more, your ticket is VIP and will include the meet & greet with Jillian! Hope this helps :)

  17. katrina 2 months ago

    Hi Jillian- First I want to say your such an amazing role model about getting in tune with our lives and bodies-being very real! Thank you- I work out at a gym with an amazing trainer that is touching/changing lives- right now our gym is doing a chance for change contest and it is kinda like a biggest looser! 3 trainers’tbree contestants and lots of support! I would love to see your show I live however in Washington State and would have to see if you came closer But…If you do I’d love to see you come inspire my daughters and youth in our area as well as come to my gym- work out with our trainers and members and remind people right where it counts that this is there chance to change! Thanks for your time and keep inspiring!!!

  18. Heather richards 3 months ago

    Hi Jillian! My name is Heather and I’m 20 years old. I live with my aunt who is going to be 53 in March. 2 years ago I was watching biggest loser and my aunt started watching it with me. She got hooked and made us watch every season on Netflix because you are her favorite and she loves watching you yell at them and thinks it’s the greatest thing when you make them puke! She started running and exercising and now she runs half marathons and is going to do her first Olympic distance triathlon in September! You are her inspiration!! I saw you will be coming to LA in May for your tour and I would love to take her to meet you! I’m a college student and working 2 jobs to support myself and my aunt let me live with her and does so much for me and I want to do something for her in return! She will be 53 in March and it would be the greatest birthday gift for her to take her to meet you at your show! Is there anything you can do to help!! Please!!

  19. laetitia renault 3 months ago

    Jillian avez vous intention de faire un jour Europe comme Paris pour 2015 ce serais bien étant donner que j habite en France pour moi 2014 pas possible . Pas les moyen financièrement pour aller a Los Angeles désolé.

  20. Claudia 3 months ago

    Will you be doing one in Northern California? Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  21. I’m so excited you are going to be close. Only 2 short hrs North to come see you. Trying to see if any of my friends want to come before I get tickets today. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for just being you and sharing your knowledge.

  22. Any chance the tour might hit Orange County, CA or San Diego, CA?

  23. I am interested in going but I’m Deaf. Is there a possibility of interpreters being at the Los Angeles event?


    • Hi Rachel — Theatres typically provide interpreters for select shows or upon request. We will reach out to the Saban Theatre and email you directly with a contact that can set you up with a translator as soon as we know! :)

      • call articulate interpreter for an interpreter ask for wendy and tell them what it is for I will make sure there is the best available rate!!! See you there articulateinterpreters.com

  24. Deborah 3 months ago

    Will there be a VIP meet and greet here? Are those tickets separate? I just bought my tickets for the show!

    • There will be a meet and greet at every show this tour. VIP tickets in LA are $150 (plus Ticketmaster extras) and automatically include the meet & greet. There is no option to purchase the meet & greet tickets separately.

      If you need to upgrade your current tickets to VIP, please call Ticketmaster at 800-653-8000 and ask to upgrade to the $150 price level. You’ll just need to have your current ticket and credit info available. Hope this helps! :)

      • Deborah 3 months ago

        Thanks! I didn’t see the VIP option when I ordered, so I will call.

        • Deborah 3 months ago

          Cathy (rep ZYS553) said there are no VIP tickets showing for this event. Help?

      • Deborah 3 months ago

        Cathy (rep ZYS553) said there are no VIP tickets showing for this event. Help?

        • Unfortunately Ticketmaster has been slow to include VIP classifications in their info. If you ask to upgrade to a $150 PIT ticket, it will be a VIP ticket which includes the meet & greet. Sorry for the confusion!

  25. Will you be on tour in Las Vegas this year?

  26. Ticketmaster is showing presale for Jan/21st for LA?

  27. Shannon 3 months ago

    Come to reno, nv

  28. Linda Enloe 3 months ago

    Will you be on tour in Oregon or Washington? I’m a Curves owner in Oregon we love our work out!!! Thank you !! Linda

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